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Can I Use My Mississippi Marijuana Card to Treat Autism?

Will Autism be a Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana in Mississippi?

While we cannot say for certain, as state lawmakers have yet to craft the rules under which Mississippi’s medical marijuana market will regulate, it seems likely that autism will be one of the qualifying conditions for receiving a Mississippi Marijuana Card. 


We know that the State Legislature and Governor Reeves are crafting a medical marijuana law, and that a majority of Mississippi voters have said they’d be in favor of the new law resembling Initiative 65, the medical marijuana law that was overwhelmingly approved by voters but overturned by the state’s Supreme Court. 


We also know that Initiative 65 would have considered autism one of the qualifying conditions to use medical marijuana.


So while we can’t know for sure, we believe that Mississippi’s medical marijuana law will allow people with autism to treat their condition with medical marijuana. And if it doesn’t, it will be ignoring not only the will of the voters, but it’ll also be ignoring a lot of scientific evidence showing that marijuana can be a safe and effective treatment for autism.

What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder, often referred to as just autism, is the collective name for a range of neurological disorders. Autism generally reveals itself by age 3, and usually causes difficulty with social interactions and repeated thoughts and behaviors. People with autism often have a number of other conditions that have been linked to autism, but scientists do not yet understand how they are connected. These related health concerns frequently include depression, anxiety, epilepsy, and poor sleep quality.

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Medical Marijuana for Autism and Conditions Associated With Autism

While autism cannot be cured, its symptoms can be treated, as can those of its and related conditions, and medical marijuana is one of the treatments that the research has shown to be among the most promising.

Medical Marijuana Can Treat Epilepsy

Epilepsy is one of the conditions most often associated with autism. Epilepsy occurs with much greater frequency among people with autism than it does among the general population, just as people with epilepsy are far more likely to be autistic than are other people. Although scientists do not yet know what the link is between these two conditions, the research has indicated that medical marijuana is a safe and effective treatment for epilepsy.

Cannabis for Depression

Depression is another condition that affects individuals at higher rates, and it too can be treated with medical marijuana. Studies have shown that cannabis can act as an antidepressant, encouraging the production of brain chemicals known to cause feelings of wellbeing, resulting in significant decreases in the severity of depression.

Medical Marijuana for Neuroinflammation

Neuroinflammation, or inflammation of the brain and/or spinal cord, is yet another health issue that frequently strikes individuals with autism. Neuroinflammation has a range of symptoms, including impaired cognition, mental health issues, and chronic pain. Researchers’ findings indicate that medical marijuana can reduce neuroinflammation. 

Cannabis Can Help Autism Directly as Well

In addition to alleviating the symptoms of many of the health concerns associated with autism, medical marijuana has also been shown to relieve symptoms believed to be caused by autism directly. Study results indicate that medical marijuana significantly reduces the frequency and severity of episodes of disruptive behavior and also contributes to improved concentration, sleep, mood, quality of life, and ability to shower and dress independently. 

Our Doctors Can Help You Decide if Medical Marijuana is Right for You

Trying to decide if medical marijuana is right for you or your loved one can be difficult, especially given all of the conflicting opinions and confusing information out there about both autism and medical marijuana. Fortunately, you don’t have to decide on your own.


Our doctors are truly passionate about guiding their patients through the process of deciding if medical marijuana is the best treatment option for them. 

Reserve an evaluation with one of our doctors today, and we will make an appointment for you just as soon as Mississippi’s medical marijuana market is up and running. Not only that, but you’ll save $25 off the cost of your evaluation! 

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