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Can I Use My Mississippi Marijuana Card to Treat HIV/AIDS?

HIV is a Qualifying Condition for Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

Living with HIV can be overwhelming, and any medication that offers any relief at all to HIV patients can make an immense difference in their overall wellbeing. 


Furthermore, HIV is more common than you might think. Researchers estimate that there are 1 million HIV positive people in the United States, and 40,000 new diagnoses annually.  


Fortunately, Mississippians dealing with HIV now have a highly effective treatment option to alleviate their symptoms: medical marijuana. Here is what HIV patients in Mississippi need to know about medical marijuana and how it can treat HIV.

What Is HIV?

HIV is Human Immunodeficiency Virus, a virus of the immune system that impairs the body’s ability to fight infections and sickness. 


Minor illnesses that most people could get over in just a few days can cause medical emergencies for HIV patients. In fact, a mere cold can lead to a medical crisis for HIV positive people. 

HIV infiltrates T cells in the immune system then uses the tainted T cells to replicate itself. As a result, the body can never be rid of HIV, and an HIV positive person will always be HIV positive; there is no cure for this devastating condition. 


In addition to compromising the immune system, which makes HIV patients more susceptible to other dangers, HIV causes symptoms of its own. It’s these symptoms that HIV medications are intended to manage, since the virus cannot actually be cured. And many scientists think one such treatment is medical marijuana. 

How Can HIV Symptoms be Treated with Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana has been shown to be a safe, effective treatment for a number of common HIV symptoms.


For example, nausea, one of the most prevalent HIV symptoms, can be alleviated with medical marijuana.


And alleviating nausea can help HIV patients take in more nutrients and calories more comfortably, which is important because weight loss is another symptom commonly associated with HIV. 


Chronic pain is another HIV symptom that can be effectively and safely treated with medical marijuana.


Medical marijuana may even slow HIV’s progression according to some research. One study showed that Denbinobin, a marijuana medication, can slow HIV’s takeover of the immune system. 


This discovery has led researchers to hypothesize that medical marijuana may treat HIV itself as well as its symptoms. If future studies produce equally encouraging results, HIV patients may be able to live longer, and with a better quality of life, thanks to medical marijuana, even if it can’t actually cure HIV. 


Medical marijuana also treats anxiety and depression, which are commonly symptoms of HIV. Patients often feel isolated as a result of the social stigma around the virus, and the health problems caused by HIV can further darken their mental health. Medical marijuana’s relaxing qualities can bring relief to both symptoms. 

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Learn More About Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

Medical marijuana offers HIV patients immense therapeutic value by alleviating their symptoms and potentially slowing the progression of their condition, helping them lead longer, healthier lives. 


Research continues of course, but medical marijuana is already known to be an effective HIV treatment. That’s why Mississippi lawmakers included HIV among the qualifying conditions to get a Mississippi Marijuana Card. To learn more about treating HIV with medical marijuana, give us a call at (833) 781-6635.

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