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  • Bailey Porras

Head Shop vs Dispensary

The term head shop or smoke shop is oftentimes used interchangeably with the term dispensary, but they are not at all the same thing. There are many terms associated with marijuana, so it can be hard to keep up with them all.

We’re here to help! In this blog, we will explain the difference between a smoke (or head) shop and a dispensary.

The Main Difference

The biggest difference between a head shop and dispensary is that you cannot purchase medical marijuana at a head shop. Dispensaries are the only place you can legally purchase your medicine if you have a medical card.

If you still need to get your medical card, give us a call!

What Do They Sell?

Dispensaries supply marijuana in many forms as well as paraphernalia and merchandise. They also employ budtenders who have knowledge of cannabis and can help you find the right strain or delivery method depending on your qualifying condition.

Head shops have been around for hundreds of years and are better known as smoke shops. Smoke shops have tobacco or vape products, but may also sell marijuana paraphernalia such as bongs, bowls, pipes, rolling papers, and more.

Head shops can get away with this because they claim these products are for tobacco, not marijuana. Head shops do not have budtenders or social employees; it is more like a retail establishment.

Visiting a dispensary is a whole experience that includes socializing with a budtender, receiving valuable information and recommendations from them.

Visit a Medical Dispensary in Mississippi

You don’t need a medical card to visit a head shop, but you cannot purchase marijuana there. If you want to try medical cannabis and visit a dispensary, you will need your very own medical card.

Marijuana is an all natural medicine that has been used for centuries as an aid for painful symptoms in both animals and humans. Over 30 states now have legalized it for medicinal use! If you think cannabis could help you with your quality of life, there is a good chance you will qualify.

If you aren’t sure if you’d qualify, we can help with that too! Just reserve a medical marijuana evaluation online today with one of our compassionate, qualified physicians. We will begin seeing patients very soon!

You’ll meet with your new doctor and learn what medical marijuana might do for you. Act soon to find out if you qualify for a Mississippi Marijuana Card.


Doctors Who Care.

Relief You Can Trust.

Helping you find health and wellness through safe and convenient access to medical marijuana is our primary goal at Mississippi Marijuana Card. We’re working hard to educate advocates and cynics alike about the unique benefits medical cannabis can offer, building an accessible informational library of all things Mississippi and medical marijuana in the process.

If you have any questions, we’re ready to answer them. Call us at (833) 781-6635, or simply reserve a medical marijuana evaluation!

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