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How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your System?

Medical marijuana is legal in the State of Mississippi, and you can get your medical card to gain access to dispensaries today! If you don’t already have your medical card, give us a call and we will walk you through the process.

Luckily, it is now easier than ever to get your medical card in Mississippi through telemedicine! You can get approved from home via video chat and complete the rest of the process online!

Although cannabis is legal for medical use in Mississippi, employers may still conduct mandatory drug testing, and they usually screen for THC among other drugs. It is up to the employer whether they choose to recognize a medical card as a good reason for a positive drug test result.

If you are considering getting a medical card, you should be aware of how long THC can stay in your body in order to be knowledgeable about drug tests. You should also be sure to check with your employer about their drug testing policies.

Drug Tests

The amount of time THC can stay in your system varies due to a number of factors. However, the type of drug test being administered can make all the difference in the world. There are four main types of drug tests:

  • Urine

  • Saliva

  • Hair

  • Blood

Urine tests are by far the most commonly used tests because of their long detection window. They are also relatively cheap and easy to administer, and non-invasive. Employers will typically use urine tests.

Blood tests are good indicators for recent drug use, and can detect THC for up to 48 hours after a person’s last use. Typically, if you test positive for THC on a blood test, it means that you are still somewhat under the influence of marijuana.

Blood tests are invasive and expensive to administer, so employers will rarely use them. However, law enforcement use blood tests quite often to determine if a person is intoxicated after a suspected DUI.

Saliva tests are also rarely used because they have a very narrow detection window. Saliva tests will only detect THC if you have used marijuana within the last 72 hours. They are also relatively unreliable and are known to generate false positives.

Hair tests are used about 10% of the time by employers. They have the longest detection window and can pick up THC for up to 3 months after last use.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today

Medical marijuana is legal in Mississippi and you can get your medical card today! You will need your medical card to access any of the licensed marijuana dispensaries in the state. If you don’t already have yours, let us help you!

Finally, patients with their medical marijuana card have access to dispensaries! The program continues to grow each day as more people are recommended cannabis for their qualifying condition.

Schedule a medical marijuana evaluation online today with one of our compassionate, qualified physicians, and we’ll book an appointment for you just as soon as Mississippi’s medical marijuana market is up and running.

You’ll meet with your new doctor and learn what medical marijuana might do for you. Act soon to find out if you qualify for a Mississippi Marijuana Card.


Doctors Who Care.

Relief You Can Trust.

Helping you find health and wellness through safe and convenient access to medical marijuana is our primary goal at Mississippi Marijuana Card. We’re working hard to educate advocates and cynics alike about the unique benefits medical cannabis can offer, building an accessible informational library of all things Mississippi and medical marijuana in the process.

If you have any questions, we’re ready to answer them. Call us at (833) 781-6635, or simply reserve a medical marijuana evaluation!

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