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Mississippi Passes New Bill to Legalize Medical Marijuana

Better get ready, and better get a Mississippi Marijuana Card, because medical marijuana is now legal in Mississippi!

Of course it’s not that simple, and the state’s medical marijuana market isn’t open yet, but the law creating it has been passed by the legislature and signed by the governor, meaning relief is on its way to the Magnolia State.

Medical Marijuana Market Will Take Shape Within Months

While it took years to get to this point, Mississippi’s medical marijuana market should begin to take shape over the next several months. SB 2095 requires the Department of Health to begin issuing Mississippi Marijuana Cards within 120 days, and to begin licensing cannabis cultivation facilities after that. After 150 days, the Department of Revenue is to begin licensing dispensaries.

Governor Reeves Signs Marijuana Bill into Law

Although the bill became law as soon as Governor Reeves signed it on February 2, the Associated Press reports that it could be months before dispensaries open and patients can buy medical marijuana.

Although the governor said he now reluctantly supports the bill he had previously threatened to veto, his support was probably not needed to transform the legislation into law. The overwhelming majority of yes votes out of both houses of the legislature would have been enough to overcome a veto attempt on the governor’s part, assuming the support held constant for a revote.

Still, the Governor took to Facebook on Wednesday to make it known that he wasn’t exactly thrilled about accommodating the will of the voters, 70% of whom supported Initiative 65, the ballot initiative on which the new legislation, SB 2095, was based.

“I have made it clear that the bill on my desk is not the one that I would have written,” Reeves wrote. “But it is a fact that the legislators who wrote the final version of the bill (the 45th or 46th draft) made significant improvements to get us towards accomplishing the ultimate goal.”

Reeves said he decided to support and sign the legislation, which didn’t actually need his support and signature, because he was “committed to supporting the will of the people,” and despite the fact that he feared that the law would lead to increased recreational marijuana use and “less people working.”

Coincidentally, supporting the will of the voters was the reason Reeves gave back in July for calling upon the the House and Senate to craft a working medical marijuana bill, saying he would call a special session of the legislature to pass the bill once they’d done so. However, once the legislature had crafted the bill, Reeves refused to call for the special session, saying the bill allowed for patients to purchase too much marijuana.

However, SB 2095 allows patients to purchase less medicine than Initiative 65 would have, so the governor who wanted to respect the voters’ will was upset that the law created by the legislature didn’t differ more from the law 70% of Mississippi voters wanted to enact.

Politics Aside, Mississippi Voters and Patients Finally Win

Whatever the political machinations it took to get us here, we’ve finally crossed the finish line, Mississippi. This is a victory for the voters, who had their wishes overturned on a technicality, and for suffering patients who have been waiting for the safe, natural relief only cannabis can offer.

Now is the time to reserve an evaluation online with one of our knowledgeable, compassionate doctors. We’ll book an appointment for you just as soon as the state’s medical marijuana market is up and running!

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