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Medical Marijuana Laws and Employee’s Rights in Mississippi

With the recent talk of medical marijuana coming to Mississippi, you may be wondering how using cannabis would affect your rights and specifically your rights as an employee. Although the medical marijuana program will be highly regulated and only available to patients with qualifying conditions, there are some clear rules as to what employers can do in regard to their employees’ marijuana use.

Medical Marijuana Use on the Job

As part of Mississippi’s medical marijuana law, employers do not have to allow marijuana use on the job. The law also allows an employer to refuse to hire an applicant or take action against an employee who uses medical marijuana while on the job.

Drug Tests

The medical marijuana law in Mississippi would still allow drug tests. Further, the law allows employers to discipline or fire an employee for marijuana use, even if prescribed medically.

To ensure there are no issues at the workplace, make sure you disclose the use of medical marijuana use before drug tests arise. If you assure your employer that you are not using it on the job and that it in no way will impair your ability to work, all should be good.

Bottom Line

Mississippi’s Medical Cannabis Act strives to help and protect its patients, so the law does what it can to protect employment relationships between employers and employees. One can assume that after the medical marijuana program is up and running in Mississippi, employers will modify drug tests and other policies to consider patients of the medical marijuana program.

Nevertheless, marijuana use should be kept a personal, at-home matter separate from the workplace, at least until medical marijuana use is more widely accepted throughout the state. Every job and every person’s situation varies, so we recommend you discuss medical marijuana use openly with your employer before making any decisions regarding your marijuana use. Either way, if you have your medical marijuana card, you will be using it legally while getting relief for your qualifying condition!

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