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New Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Canton, Mississippi

Canton, Mississippi, witnessed a historic moment as a brand new medical marijuana dispensary, Rootdown, opened its doors to the public. The dispensary, located at 117 Sidney Runnels Drive, celebrated its official ribbon-cutting ceremony on a momentous day in October. Michael Kinard, the vice president of operations for Rootdown Medical Cannabis, expressed his enthusiasm, sharing that they had been open for approximately two months before this grand celebration.

“We want those who need it to have access to legal and safe medicine,” Kinard stated with conviction.

Kinard, not just a company executive, but also a patient himself, uses products from Rootdown to manage and treat ulcerative colitis. This personal connection to the power of medical marijuana underscores the significance of this new dispensary.

Community Leaders and Stakeholders Gather

The ribbon-cutting event drew local leaders, stakeholders, and members of the community, making it a truly momentous occasion. Canton Mayor William Truly addressed the attendees, highlighting the city's progressive stance in allowing dispensaries to operate within its boundaries. He emphasized the leadership role Canton has taken compared to other municipalities in the county that have chosen to opt out of this opportunity for now.

Truly recognized the importance of ensuring access to medical marijuana for those who need it, positioning Canton as a welcoming and open-minded community that prioritizes the well-being of its residents.

Canton Chamber of Commerce President Chris Jackson and Rootdown's Michael Kinard also shared their perspectives, adding to the positive energy of the occasion. Their remarks underscored the collaborative spirit that paved the way for the dispensary's opening.

Rootdown's Vision and Commitment

Rootdown founder and owner, Scott Noblitt, expressed his excitement about the new Canton location. He shared the company's mission, emphasizing their aspiration to become Mississippi's most trusted and well-known medical cannabis operation. Rootdown is deeply rooted in the state, founded, funded, and operated by Mississippi natives who are dedicated to providing the highest-quality cannabis products to the people of Mississippi.

Noblitt's words reflect a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for Mississippians from all walks of life. The company's focus on delivering safe, effective, and accessible products aligns with its core values.

“We founded Rootdown because we are passionate about helping Mississippians from all backgrounds experience a better quality of life," Noblitt explained. "We work hard to provide access to the highest-quality cannabis products in a welcoming and accessible environment.”

Rootdown's presence in Canton marks an important milestone in the state's journey toward expanding medical marijuana access and making a positive impact on patients' lives.

Canton Leads the Way in Mississippi

Canton now boasts the presence of three medical marijuana dispensaries, and this achievement demonstrates the city's progressive approach to healthcare and patient access. In contrast, neighboring cities such as Madison, Ridgeland, and Gluckstadt have opted to abstain from permitting dispensaries within their city limits.

The decision by Canton to embrace medical marijuana dispensaries positions the city as a beacon of compassion, where patients in need can find legal and safe relief. This inclusivity reflects the city's commitment to improving the well-being of its residents.

Welcoming Hours of Operation

Rootdown's Canton store is dedicated to serving the community with compassion and care. The dispensary is open to the public from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Monday through Saturday, providing patients with a range of convenient hours to access medical marijuana products.

The dispensary's operating hours prioritize accessibility for patients, making it easier for them to obtain the relief they need through medical marijuana.

Embracing the Healing Power of Medical Marijuana

As Mississippi welcomes a new medical marijuana dispensary in Canton, it serves as a reminder of the vital role medical marijuana plays in the lives of individuals with specific health needs. Rootdown's mission to provide safe, effective, and accessible products underscores the value of medical marijuana for patients.

Patients who require medical marijuana should consider obtaining a medical marijuana card, as it offers them official documentation of their eligibility to use medical marijuana in compliance with state regulations. This not only ensures that they receive legal protection but also grants them peace of mind.

The medical marijuana experience is deeply personalized, offering tailored solutions for a wide range of medical conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, and more. Patients can access strains and products designed to alleviate their unique symptoms and improve their overall quality of life.

For those who require higher THC levels to effectively manage their medical conditions, a medical marijuana card is indispensable. It grants access to products with elevated THC concentrations, ensuring that patients receive the full therapeutic benefits they need. This level of customization can significantly enhance the effectiveness of medical marijuana treatments.


Mississippi's move to open a new medical marijuana dispensary in Canton underscores the value of medical marijuana in enhancing patients' quality of life. As the state continues to progress in expanding access to medical marijuana, it's essential for individuals with specific health needs to consider the benefits of obtaining a medical marijuana card.

Medical marijuana offers a safe, legal, and effective path to improved well-being for patients across the state. By taking steps to obtain a medical marijuana card, individuals can ensure their eligibility to access high-quality medical marijuana products tailored to their unique health conditions.

The opportunity to experience a better quality of life is within reach, and the time to act is now. As more dispensaries like Rootdown open their doors, it's clear that Mississippi is dedicated to providing patients with the relief they deserve. Don't miss the chance to explore the benefits of medical marijuana and take the necessary steps to obtain a medical marijuana card. Your path to improved well-being begins today.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card!

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Finally, people who have a medicinal marijuana card can visit dispensaries! The program is expanding daily as more patients are recommended cannabis for their qualifying ailment.

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