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What You Need to Know About Traveling With a Medical Marijuana Identification Card

It can be difficult to travel across states while carrying medical marijuana. Even though several states have made medical marijuana lawful, it is still against the law on a federal level. Problems may arise due to inadequate federal oversight when passing airports with enhanced security measures.

In this blog post, you'll find a detailed guide to transporting medicinal cannabis, broken down by mode of transportation and its specific regulations. Protect your ability to consume cannabis medication lawfully while traveling to see loved ones for the holidays and beyond by reading on. However, nothing in this blog should be construed as professional legal advice. If you want to know how to travel with marijuana, you should ask a lawyer.

Can You Travel With Medical Marijuana in the United States?

If a reciprocity agreement exists, carrying medical marijuana while traveling within the United States is acceptable. Your MMJ card will be valid in a reciprocal state if the laws of that state are consistent with those of your home state. However, the number of reciprocating states is minimal, and many states, notably Florida and New York, do not accept medical cards issued in other states.

Find out if you need to enroll in the medical marijuana program of the state you will be visiting to legally consume medicinal cannabis if you travel to a state that offers medical marijuana reciprocity. To participate in Mississippi's medicinal marijuana program, you must apply 30 days in advance and pay a $50 nonrefundable fee.

Visitors to the state may also be subject to lower possession limits than locals. With a valid medical marijuana card, a Mississippi person can legally carry up to 30 ounces of the drug. Only one ounce is allowed for out-of-state visitors with a medical marijuana card.

Traveling Using Planes

Since the turn of the century and the September 11 tragedy, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has established stricter security regulations. However, the beginning of the War on Drugs under President Richard Nixon is largely responsible for the current tight regulations around cannabis. In a nutshell: it's against the law to bring cannabis on a plane.

TSA employees are not required to thoroughly search your belongings for signs of illegal

substances, including medical marijuana. On the other hand, if the TSA discovers anything that even remotely resembles a controlled substance, they must notify local authorities.

However, the TSA is not the only authority to which you must answer before boarding a flight.

Some of the world's largest airlines, notably American, have outright forbidden the use of marijuana of any kind on their planes. According to these rules, you can't bring even a single gram of your legally prescribed cannabis on the plane.

The main fact is that there are a lot of legal hazards associated with flying with medical marijuana. If you must travel via airplane in the future, do it without your medical marijuana or find another means of transportation.

Traveling Using Cars

The safest approach to transport medical marijuana is in a private vehicle. There may be some ambiguity if you are renting a car or driving someone else's vehicle and passing across states (federally illegal) with unfavorable medical marijuana legislation. Avoid getting pulled over by the police by not using marijuana and adhering to all traffic regulations.

Traveling Using Buses and Trains

If you plan to take a rail or bus, remember that they have laws. Even in states where it is legal, you cannot use or bring cannabis onboard Greyhound or Amtrak.

Traveling Using Rapid Transit Systems, Including Subways and Commuter Trains

There is a strict no-weed policy on all subways and commuter trains. In 1988, smoking was completely outlawed on the MTA, New York's largest transportation system. Subways and

commuter trains have their regulations regarding medical marijuana, and you must follow them.

Traveling Using Ships and Watercraft

The U.S. Coast Guard strongly advises against smoking marijuana when in public. It's easy to lose track of where you are regarding jurisdiction when you're on the sea. You are subject to the laws of the countries through which you cruise.

Medical Marijuana and International Travel

Many nations still enforce harsh penalties for drug offenders, even medical marijuana users. If you are caught with marijuana in Bali, Indonesia, you will face some of the worst penalties in the world. The government of Bali imposes a mandatory minimum punishment of four years in prison for anyone caught with any amount of marijuana, whether it be for medical or recreational use.

China isn't the only Asian country with severe penalties for anybody caught smuggling marijuana across their borders. There is a grey area between medicinal and recreational marijuana usage, even in nations like the Netherlands, where medical marijuana is permitted. If you lose your medical marijuana card while in Holland and are caught with more than five grams of cannabis, you may face criminal charges.

What's the best advice you can provide someone who wishes to take medical marijuana with them on a trip abroad? Please don't.

Preparation Checklist for Traveling With a Medical Marijuana Card

Avoiding transporting medical marijuana is the safest option. However, here are some things to keep in mind if you must travel with medical cannabis:

  • Make sure your medical marijuana card hasn't expired or will do so within the next 30 days.

  • Bring a note or certificate from your doctor stating that you're fit to travel.

  • Always have your medical marijuana identification card on you.

  • Make a duplicate of your medical marijuana card and keep it locked in your suitcase.

  • A second duplicate of your medical marijuana card should be kept with a responsible family member or friend at home.

  • Always use the original container while transporting medicinal marijuana or other prescription drugs.

  • Get the name and number of your doctor and any other relevant contact info.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Mississippi Now!

Reserve a medical marijuana evaluation online today with one of our compassionate, qualified physicians. We'll book an appointment for you as soon as Mississippi's medical marijuana market is up and running.

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